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Chocolate Malanger

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  • Chocolate Malanger
  • Chocolate Malanger
  • Chocolate Malanger
Chocolate Malanger

Chocolate Malanger

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

Melting MaterialChocolate
Material Of Construction Of MachineStainless steel
Machine Typevertical type
Roll Nip MechanismCustomized

Our chocolate melanger is a machine used in the process of making chocolate, particularly for refining and conching cocoa beans into smooth, creamy chocolate. Here's a simple explanation of what a chocolate melanger is and how it works:

  1. Purpose: The primary purpose of a chocolate melanger is to refine cocoa nibs (the broken, roasted cocoa beans) into a smooth, silky chocolate paste. It accomplishes this by grinding and mixing the cocoa nibs with other ingredients like sugar, cocoa butter, and sometimes milk powder.

  2. Construction: A chocolate melanger typically consists of a granite stone base and a set of granite stone wheels. The base houses a motor that rotates the wheels, which grind and mix the cocoa nibs and other ingredients placed on top of them. Some models may also include additional features such as temperature control and timers.

  3. Grinding Process: The cocoa nibs and other ingredients are placed into the melanger, and the machine is turned on. The rotating granite wheels crush and grind the cocoa nibs, gradually reducing them into smaller particles and eventually into a smooth, liquid chocolate. The friction generated by the grinding process helps to release the cocoa butter present in the nibs, which contributes to the smooth texture of the chocolate.

  4. Conching: In addition to grinding, the chocolate melanger also performs a process called conching. Conching involves continuously agitating and aerating the chocolate mixture to develop its flavor and texture. This process helps to smooth out any remaining grittiness, improve the chocolate's mouthfeel, and enhance its flavor by allowing volatile compounds to evaporate.

  5. Duration: The duration of the grinding and conching process can vary depending on the desired outcome and the type of chocolate being produced. It can range from several hours to several days for high-quality, artisanal chocolate.

  6. Output: Once the grinding and conching process is complete, the chocolate mixture is ready for further processing, such as tempering, molding, or coating. It can be used to make a variety of chocolate products, including bars, truffles, and ganaches.

Additional Information:

  • Production Capacity: 100

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